Mark Colety

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Mark Colety is an American singer-songwriter and author.  Born and raised in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, he began studying music when he was only 6, taught himself guitar at age 13, and has been writing and performing his own music ever since.

He has worked with Jeff Fielder (Mark Lanegan), Ty Bailie (Katy Perry), Andy Stoller (Heart), soundtrack composer Jason Staczek (My Winnepeg), Mike Stone (Stone Gossard) and Brad Zeffren (Star Anna).

Colety’s single ‘Next-Ex’ (Sport) aired on Seattle’s KZOK Rock 102.5 FM station and was featured on Bob Rivers’ sold-out ‘Write a Bleeping Song Contest’ CD.

After living in Seattle for 15 years, he now lives and works in Los Angeles.

Mark Colety began writing at an early age, and studied under renowned poet Edward Kleinschmidt Mayes at Santa Clara University for three years. He worked as a freelance journalist in Seattle, while writing his controversial novel, The Prodigal Ones.

He has studied screenwriting with international guru Robert McKee, legendary Hollywood script doctor John Truby, and completed the screenwriting series at Seattle Film Institute.

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