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a novel by Mark Colety


Set in California during The first Gulf War, this novel follows the toxic misadventures of Eliot James from a college campus in San Jose to the streets of Chicago as he wavers between self-realization and self-destruction on his journey to become a professional jazz musician.


Lost in a world of moral ambiguity and spiritual disenchantment Eliot struggles not to lose his sanity or his soul to the inexhaustible carousing of his reckless friends.


Torn between two loves and two lives, Eliot is faced with trust and betrayal, fate and chance, new passions and disappearing dreams.


Read the controversial novel people are calling an exciting mix between Fear & Loathing and Generation X.

WRITING / Scripts
Not My Tot Cover PDF-page-001.jpg

WGA 1733205.  © 2015 by Mark Colety. All Rights Reserved. 


GENRE: Comedy 101 min

Academy Awards Nicholl Fellowship, Quarterfinalist

A paternity test game show host is forced onto his own program after a woman accuses him of fathering her child.

“Evokes heart and wisdom. This script has all the workings of a big budget movie.”

BlueCat Screenwriting Contest

“A strong style and great level of craft. The dialogue is sharp, clever, and full of wit.”

Academy Awards Nicholl Fellowship

Annabel Lee Cover PDF-page-001.jpg

WGA 1642784.  © 2013 by Mark Colety. All Rights Reserved.


GENRE: Supernatural Drama 112 min

Francis Ford Coppola Zoetrope Competition, Quarterfinalist
BlueCat Screenplay Competition, Semifinalist
Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, Round 2 Selection

Reality splinters when a surgeon becomes romantically entwined with a young patient . . a patient he inadvertently killed.

“This is a smart, taut, mind-bending psychological and supernatural thriller that hooked me from the beginning and kept me until the end.”

BlueCat Screenplay Competition

“This script is a great modern day take on a classic piece of literature.”

Matt Dy, Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition Director

From Kandahar with Love Cover PDF-page-0

WGA 1492522. © 2011 by Mark Colety. All Rights Reserved.


GENRE: Romantic Comedy 106 min

PAGE International Screenwriting Competition, Semifinalist
FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards, Semifinalist
Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, Round 2 Selection

A line cook in Seattle falls in love with a nurse stationed in Afghanistan and "fakes" his way into the army to pursue her.

"A very unique love story, with a surprising twist.  Realistic and memorable dialogue.  Well done!"

Matt Dy, Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition Director

“Original and terrific!”

Sara Mornell, actress/producer (CSI, ER, Star Trek)

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